Lil Sis

Sly wrote, produced and recorded 4 hits for his 'Lil Sis' which made it clear across the globe.

Sly & The Family Stone

One of the biggest selling and most influential bands of all time; this is where Funk began.


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Sly Stone

Sly and the Family Stone

One of the greatest musical innovators of all time, Sly Stone not only brought us Funk Music but also brought us together as people. The first truly race and gender-integrated band, Sly sent a message to the world: Times have changed and we should all embrace it. His mercurial rise to stardom was a direct result of having the right message at the right time - the world was ready for Sly's kind of change.
And the music that he made which galvanized us then has the same effect today where his work has truly stood the test of time.

With the help of his little sister, Vet, Sly is still creating, singing and recording. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's done - Sly still has so much to say to us all.


View photos from the Stone Family archive, some of which have never been publicly available before!


It all started with the music:
Check out some of Vet and Sly's tracks right here...


Anecdotes and tales from behind the curtain of the Family Stone Band.

The Latest News from Sly's Lil Sis

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Sly Stone